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Zodiac -  offers a world of choices for all your recreational and professional boating needs.

Zodiac - is your source for inflatable boats and liferafts


Recreational Products Professional Products
Zodiac Tenders
A wide selection of inflatable and rigid inflatable yacht tenders.

Zodiac tenders

  Military Products
From intelligence gathering to beach landing - boats from 12 - 35 ft.

Zodiac military boats

Zodiac Sport Boats
A wide selection of inflatable and rigid inflatable sport boats.

Zodiac sport boats

  Enforcement Products
hase, interception and security for your needs.
Zodiac enforcement boats

Zodiac Super-Yacht Custom Tenders
A custom class of larger yacht tenders for super-yachts.

Zodiac super-yacht tenders   Search/Rescue Products
Rapid response for large scale rescue organizations.

Zodiac search and rescue  boats

Zodiac CZ7
Zodiac's new ultimate adventure boat built for pure excitement.

Industry & Science Products
Integrating with the oceans to meet specific needs.

Zodiac industrial boats
A selection of different models built by Zodiac.

Bombard inflatable boats

Ship's Boats & Yacht Tenders
Approved tenders for larger ships and vessels.

Zodiac ship tenders
Owned by Zodiac, Avon is another fine inflatable brand
Avon Inflatable Boats

State/County Utility Boats
Designed for local needs in law enforcement, rescue and more.

Zodiac utility boats
Zoom "by Zodiac"
Zoom is the perfect boat for discovering the joys of boating.
Zoom inflatable boats

S.O.L.A.S. Rescue Boats
A variety of approved products for search and rescue.

Zodiac SOLAS rescue  boats

Zodiac Liferafts
Emergency liferafts for a variety of leisure applications.
Zodiac leisure lifrafts S.O.L.A.S. Liferafts
A wide range of approved liferafts and rescue products.

Zodiac SOLAS liferafts and rescue products


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