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Our History

  Dawood Trading Company was established in the year 1919 in Hodiedah city, the major of this company is in the fishing business along the long rich coastline of Yemen, which is about 2400Km.

The growth and success of the group was due to the experience of pervious generations, which was the base of this success, this experience was refined by the new generation to introduce this company in this picture that it has these days.

Dawood Company expanded its field of business to enclose the whole local region and now expanding globally to represent many strong and well-known companies around the world.

The company made its name in Yemen and became the number one company taking the responsibilities of accomplishing many activities concerning the fishery and marine business this country.

The company has been the sole distributor of Yamaha Motor since 36 years, distributed among the 20 branches from Midi up to Mahra in all Republic of Yemen, taking the biggest share in the Yemeni market carrying the average of 95% compared to the other companies that work in the same field.

Dawood Trading Company had to make some strategic plans in order to fulfill our client desire, one of those plans was implemented which is to construct Fiberglass boat factory in hodiedah Republic of Yemen.



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