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Dawood Trading Company

To be successful is the goal of everyone who wants to be number one. And if somebody wants to be the best he must follow the technology of the age.

Dawood Trading Company (D.T.C.) is one of the best companies known in the Yemeni market. The company was established since 250 years . It took the responsibility of several activities, especially that which is connected to the fishery and marine business in Yemen ,D.T.C. have also sisters company Dawood Trading & Contracting Co., Al-A’amaq Trading , Al-Wahaj Trading and Future Design.

Dawood Trading Company is the Sole Distributor of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd since 36 years, which has a total of 20 (from Midi/ between Saudi Arabia boarder up to Al-Mahra / between Oman boarder) branches in all Republic of Yemen.

And during this period the company took control upon most of the fishery and marine life activities of the sea coast line of Yemen along with the products of Yamaha Motor marine engines (outboard and inboard engines, water vehicles and their spare parts) with which they are famous with their easy-using and the availability of the spare parts.

>The delivery of the engines and the services.

Dawood Trading Company is the sole distributor of Yamaha Motor Company in the Republic of Yemen. And because of the successful marketing plans that the company has adopted and after selling services, the name of Yamaha Motor took the biggest share in the Yemeni market with the average of 95% compaired to the other companies that work within the same field. This achievements considers to be a unique success for the administration of the company.

Since 1982 this mark (Yamaha Motor) increases our client's trust, for the company was the first to import different models of Yamaha Motor fot the Minisrty of Fishery.

> Fiberglass Fishing Boats

Dawood Trading Co. really wishes is to distribute kinds of the fiberglass boats (those which is used for fishing or for pleasure), for many clients wish to have these kinds of boats. And to fulfill our clients desire, the company decided to built fiberglass boats factory in Hodeidah, Republic of Yemen.

> Services administrated by Dawood Trading Co.

Since the company is the only sole distributor of Yamaha Motor in Yemen since 1973 and for all the technical, and financial capacities, the company is able to give the best after-sale services and genuine spare parts for all engines and boats.

And for this reason the company built workshops in all branches with the trained Engineers are working in those workshops. These services extended to all the branches of the company.

Dawood Trading Co. has achieved in marketing Yamaha marine motors and the fiberglass boats, so the company was keen to administrate new products from Yamaha Motor Co. to assure the highest quality (for fishery and pleasure boats). And some of our products are as follows:

1. Water Vehicle / Yamaha Japan
2. Outboard and Inboard Engines / Yamaha Japan
3. Yamalube Oil / Yamaha Singapore
4. Yamaha Lubricant Oil & Fish Oil (Technilub) / Holland
5. Fishing Equipment (Cannelle-French Company) / France
6. Rubber boats / Zodiac France
7. Life Jackets / Plastimo France
8. Water Pumps / Suzuki Japan
9. Generator / Suzuki Japan

> Future plans for the company

Employ and train larger numbers from the local technicians specially in the workshops to enhance after-sales services to the fishermen and fisheries cooperatives in the Republic of Yemen.
Also the company wants to extends its activities which are connected to fishery aspects as follows:

• Refining the canning factory in Hodeidah
• Finalizing and preparing the boats factory (fishing and pleasure boat factory in Hodeidah).
• Build an ice making ad tuna-canning factory
• Building the factory of the fiberglass boats.

Dawood Contracting Company

The Company is specialized in the following :

• Prefabricated steel building fabricated as per specification and standards for steel structure, Potential Pressure design for building system and low / high heights produced under the supervision of specialized highly qualified engines processing long experience in the same applied field in addition to modern and advanced machinery and equipment.

• Six wheel and ordinary heavy haulage trucks of instructional specification.

• Transport Trailers

• Cement Mixers

• Low Beds

• Fork Lifts / High Loaders

Al-Wahaj Trading Company


From the smallest to the biggest, you will find always Al-Wahaj Trading Company a support to your needs.

Al-Wahaj offers a large choice of products and services.

Vision :
To remain the pioneer’s of Quality and Services and to contribute in the Urban and Industrial Development in the Republic of Yemen.

Activity :
Al-Wahaj is one of the specialized companies in the field of trading taking in its task as follows :

Fisheries : We are proud to mention that Al-Wahaj has a unique department exclusively for the fish business with 15 own fish processing plant as well as refrigerating / storing / packing etc.. of fish to many countries around the globe.

Supply and Services Dept. :
> Construction Supply and Services
> Sourcing
> Marine Export and Supply
> Real Estate
> Security System Equipment and Supply
> Transportation

General Trading Dept. : Dealing in several commercial commodities like cement, sugar, URIA, etc..

Financial Dept. :
> Currency trade / time table
> Stock exchanging related issues

Al-Wahaj Trading
Fisheries Div.
Tel. No. : +967-1-532888
Fax No. : +967-1-471415
Mobile No : +967-711277777

Aamaq Trading

Tel. No. : +967-1-472691
Fax No. : +967-1-472692
Mobile No : +967-711105002

Future Design

The only time you’ll realize you are creative is when you feel the touch of Future Design.

For Future Design quality is never an accident. It always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

So Welcome to our World of Future Design, where we reflect a truly contemporary feel from the trendy lives, materials and colours of its interior design to its glossy finishes.

We have endless possibility for designing the interiors / exteriors as per your personal requirements and choice.

Future Designers

Tel. No. : +967-1-469101
Fax No. : +967-1-469102





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