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Ensuring your safety on board :  the core of our mission !

Safety starts with Quality.

Overall quality is part of our culture at Plastimo : at every stage, our technicians check the manufacturing process, following very strict specifications. This policy of total quality is implemented by each department, and has enabled Plastimo to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the manufacture of its liferafts. Our products comply with the requirements of European directives and, in addition, internal tests are carried at each manufacturing step, in order to guarantee optimum reliability and absolute safety.As proof of our commitment which only a serious manufacturer can offer, the warranty standard is very high at Plastimo : we were the first -copied since- to grant a 12-year warranty on liferafts, and a 5-year warranty on compasses and headsail reefing ! While lifejackets, safety harnesses and liferafts are the logical products which come to mind in terms of safety, we, at Plastimo, consider your safety as a much broader concept.Therefore, we put equal care into the development and production of thru-hull fittings and bollards, ladders and reefing gears, fenders and compasses, because they all contribute to your safety on board.

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